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Assess Your Home
A no-cost home energy assessment will provide your home's Energy Performance Score (EPS) - a "miles per gallon" rating for your home - and recommend improvements to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

For some homeowners, thermal images are available to help you "see" where heat and energy is being lost. Log in below to see your home's image, if available.
Mass Save® works with certified Energy Specialists, Home Performance Contractors (HPCs) and Independent Installation Contractors (IICs) to provide your high-quality Home Energy Assessments and weatherization installations. All of these contractors have met training and certification requirements.
Call Mass Save to schedule a Home Energy Assessment
Simply call Mass Save at 866-527-SAVE (7283) and schedule a Home Energy Assessment with an Energy Specialist.

All Home MPG energy specialists, HPCs, and IICs have met training and certification requirements to be eligible to work within Home MPG and Mass Save.

What is a Home Energy Assessment?
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Review Assessment Results
Your no-cost home energy assessment provides an Energy Performance Score report and a Recommendations Sheet that provides information about Mass Save rebates and incentives associated with particular recommended upgrades. More information on what to expect from your no-cost home energy assessment.